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Dashboard Lights | Salmon Arm, BC

Toyota Dashboard Lights: What Do They Mean?

We all have seen the indicator lights that pop up on our dashboards every now and then. It can be difficult to understand what these lights mean, though. To help you better understand your Toyota dashboard lights, we’ve looked at some of the more common ones and defined them.
What Colour is Your Dashboard Light?
Toyota vehicles are advanced in many ways — even when it comes to their dashboard lights. If you want to understand the urgency of your dashboard warning lights, all you need to do is look at the colour. Typically, a blue or green light isn’t serious. Instead, these lights are informational and shouldn’t cause any concern. If the light is yellow or red, though, it’s a good idea to stop into our service centre for a check-up.
Dashboard Lights Defined
Battery Charge
If your battery connections aren’t working properly, this red indicator will come on while you are driving. That’s because your alternator isn’t making electricity and your car is running solely off of battery power — something that will need to be fixed immediately.
Brake System
This light can be one of two colours — red or yellow — and indicates one of two things. It can be on because your parking brake is being used or it can be a sign that your brake system is malfunctioning. If your parking brake is not on and you see this light, then you need to get your vehicle inspected by Hilltop Toyota immediately.
Check Engine
The Check Engine light comes on for many possible issues, from a broken gas cap to an engine sensor not working properly. Bring your vehicle in to see the mechanic as soon as you see this yellow light come on.

Low Fuel Level
You don’t want to get caught short when it comes to gasoline in your tank, and the Low Fuel Level is here to prevent that. This yellow indicator comes on when the remaining fuel in your tank has reach the reserve level, which means you should head to a gas station immediately.

Tire Pressure
If your tire pressure is too high or too low, the Tire Pressure indicator will come on. This yellow light is a good indication that you should go get your tires filled or deflated accordingly to stay safe out on the road.
Maintenance Required
When you have reached a certain distance, this light will come on to let you know that your car is due for maintenance. It is yellow, showcasing its urgency.
Contact our Service Department here at Hilltop Toyota if you’re not sure what a certain dashboard warning light means.


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